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Lift truck classes

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Update time : 2021-01-18 16:09:52
The Industrial Truck Association (ITA, has defined seven classes of lift trucks, or forklifts, which are
defined by the type of engine, work environment, operator position and equipment characteristics.

Lift truck classes include:
• Class 1: electric motor trucks with cushion or pneumatic tires
• Class 2: electric motor narrow aisle trucks with solid tires
• Class 3: electric hand trucks or hand/rider trucks with solid tires
• Class 4: internal combustion engine sit down rider
forklifts with cushion tires, suitable for indoor use on
hard surfaces
• Class 5: internal combustion engine sit down rider
forklifts with pneumatic tires, suitable for outdoor use on
rough surfaces
• Class 6: electric or internal combustion engine powered, rider units with the ability to tow (rather than lift) at
least 1,000 pounds
• Class 7: almost exclusively powered by diesel engines
with pneumatic tires, these units are suitable for rough
terrain and used outdoors.

Since primarily classes one through five are used in materials handling applications inside the four walls,
Modern has only specified those on our supplier table.