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JC was established in 2010, which was used to be a subsidiary of JMC Group. JMC Group is a official cooperator with Ford in China.  We are a manufacturer which focus on various warehouse solutions, committed to offer all kind series of material handling equiment to the whole world.
JC focus on exporting pallet trucks, pallet jacks, spare parts and OEM operation. 


    Plasma cutting equipment

    Automatic spraying assembly line

       Automatic cleaning line


Robot automatic welding technology

The welding robot has short response time and fast action. The welding speed is 60-120cm/min.In the welding process, as long as the welding parameters and motion trajectory are given, the action can be repeated accurately.Under the Robot welding, JC handling material equipment highly improved production efficiency, and improved product quality as well.



Performance Testing Center

Responsible for testing the power, economy, reliability, safety and environmental management of material handling equipment; Responsible for testing the maintenance quality of material handling equipment and testing and evaluating the technical status of vehicles in use;
Undertake performance tests and parameter tests in scientific research and teaching to ensure the best performance of the equipment before leaving the factory.


One of Global Leader In Material Handling Equipment

JC is a global leading manufacturer of material handling product to the businesses throughout North America, Europe and Asia. 

We are foucs on the research, production and sales of warehousing logistics handling equipment.The main products are lift tables, manual & electric pallet trucks, stackers, forklifts, etc, covering different capacity, lift height and so on in view of various occasions and needs.

 Furthermore, we can also customize products according to customer special requirement.

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