Traverse Hand Pallet Truck 4 Way Material Handing Tools Capacity 2500kg Manual Hydraulic Lift Pallet

Item No.: JCH25TB2
Model: JCH25TB2
Name: Traverse Pallet truck (4 way)
Capacity: 2500 (1500 traverse)
Lowered fork height: 85/75
Turning Radius: 1266/1336
  • Model Number: JCH25TB2
  • Capacity: 2500kgs (1500 traverse)
  • Steering Wheel: 200-180 mm
  • Total Height: 1224/1214 mm
  • Service Weight: 65-85 kg
  • Description
    Traverse Pallet Truck (4 ways)
    1. Designed for moving long loads down narrow aisles.
    2. Traverse movements effects when the fork height up to180mm, and turn the handle by an angle of 90 degrees.
    3. Traverse movements provides more flexibility and convenience of applications as condition changes.
    4. Load capacity: 2500kg (1500kg traverse traveling)