Manual Stacker hand stacker with Fixed Forks

Item No.: JCH10GD2 / JCH15GD2
Load Capacity:  1000    1500 KGS
Max. Lift Height: 1000/1200/1600/2500/3000  1600mm
Turning Radius: 1380    1380mm
Manual Stacker with Fixed Forks
- Compact design for European pallet 550/580mm x 1100/1150mm.
- High Quality steel mast and strong steel construction ensures rigidity and durability.
- Welded forks deliver low-cost solutions
- High efficient pumps makes the control easier to operate.
- Foot and hand controlled lifting function allows the operator to work without having to perform extreme body movements
- Metal grid protects user from lift chains
- With safety wheel guard and brake system to ensure safety during operation.