Manual Stacker with Straddle Legs

Item No.: JCH10GD1
Model: JCH10GD1
Name: Manual Stacker with Straddle Legs
Load Capacity: 1000
Max lift height: 1600
Turning radius: 1200
1. Straddle legs with reach 1300mm (500kg) and 1250mm (1000kgs).
2. Lifting height from 1500-1600mm.
3. With adjustable forged forks.
4. High quality steel mast ensures rigidity and durability.
5. High effienct pumps makes the the control easier to operate.
6. Foot and hand controlled lifting function allows the operator to work without having to perform extreme body movements.
7. Metal grid protects user from lift chains.
8. With safety wheel guard and brake system to ensure safety during operation.