High Lift Truck With Capacity 1000kg Reliable Quality quick-lift operation Hand Lift Pallet Truck

Item No.: JCH10GJ1
Model : JCH10GJ1
Name: High Lift Truck
Warranty: conforms to EN ISO 3691-5 ; CE certificate
Capacity: 1000 kgs
Lowered fork height: 85mm
Turning radius: 1360 mm
  • Model Number: JCH10GJ1
  • Capacity: 1000 kg
  • Steering Wheel: 180*50
  • Service Weight: 104-115kg
  • Description
    1. Ideal design with numerous possibilities makes this unit very suitable as pallet truck/scissor lift table.
    2. Telescopic jack composes of 3 piston rods creating light pumping force giving great rigidity.   
    3. Support legs come into operation automatically.
    4. It prevents the unit from moving when the forks are raised to keep the safety of the operator.
    5. Truck automatically slows the descending speed when heavy goods loaded to prevent cargo damage.
    6. 210 degree turning radius.
    7. 2 lateral stabilizers when raised ensure good stability.
    8. Improved safety: Automatic activation of self adjusting stabilizers when lifting loads higher than 400mm for maximum stability.
    9. Great stability: Extra long front legs increase the stability when handling unevenly loaded pallets.
    10. Quick-lift operation: Quick lift function doubles the lifting speed when lifting loads less than 250kg.