Manual Scale Pallet Truck with Imported Scale In Rechargeable Battery Hydraulic Pallet Truck Lift Capacity of 2000kg reliable quality

Item No.: JCH20GC1
Model: JCH20GC1
Name: Scale Pallet Truck
Capacity: 2000 kgs
Lowered fork height: 76/85
Power: Dry cell/ Ni MH rechargeable battery
Fork length: 1150
  • Model Number: JCH20GC1
  • Capacity: 2000kg
  • Steering Wheel: 160mm
  • Service Weight: 133/142kg
  • Description
    Scale Pallet Truck
    - Mobile pallet truck with scale combined too major functions for pallet truck/scale.allows you to weigh cargo whatever,wherever,whenever you want.
    - Power supply with rechargeable battery or with 86~264V AC input.
    - Keypad and automatic tare fuctions.
    - 1.2 inches, super-large and bright LED display in solid state to be strike-free.
    - Available in ponds or kilograms.
    - A/D velocity: 27/s, a faster speed of weighing, more correct.
    - Various functions: with extended functions as weight-checking, counting, etc., to satisfy different needs of customers.
    - Conforms to EU's ROHS standard.