Hand Manual Hydraulic Pallet Truck Heavy Duty 5ton 11000lbs 5000kgs Capacity

Item No.: JCH50TB1
Model: JCH50TB1
Name: Manual Hydraulic Pallet Truck
Capacity: Heavy Duty Type 5ton 11000lbs 5000kgs
Steering wheel: 200-180
Turning radius: 1300/1370
  • Model Number: JCH50TB1
  • Capacity: 5000KG
  • Steering Wheel: 200-180
  • Total Height: 1253mm
  • Service Weight: 103-110kg
  • Description
    Heavy duty type pallet truck
    1. High reliability and long service life of 5 years.
    2. Double lifting speed when loads under 600kg, which truns back to regular speed when above it.
    3. Impact free lifting ensures safety of cargo loading.
    4. The lifting system is equipped with overloading protection valve to ensure the safe operation.
    5. The utilized structural design guarantees the convenience of assembling and disassembling.
    6. Light-weight fork frame, made from high rigidity steel plate.
    7. Compact apperance, complete rocker arm, ensure the whole truck evenly pressed.
    8. There is a finger hole in the connection of handle and pump, easy to assemble.